Flexible Support Packages provide equitable and holistic support to child and adult victim survivors of family violence. Packages are tailored to case plans and target safety, wellbeing, participation and connections to community and culture with the aim to enhance the safety, wellbeing and  independence of people affected by family violence.

Smarty Grants – the Flexible Support Package Portal

Family Safety Victoria and Our Community,  in consultation with Victorian FSP providers, designed an efficient and streamlined online platform – the FSP Portal. The portal will simplify the application, assessment and administration of a FSP, and improve the quality of data and insights.

Family Safety Victoria’s Flexible Support Package web page can be viewed here:  https://www.vic.gov.au/flexible-support-packages

Family Violence Flexible Support Packages | Victorian GovernmentPackages to help victims of family violence to improve their safety, wellbeing and independence.www.vic.gov.au

Flexible Funding Guidelines

Revision of the FSP Program Guidelines; Summary of Changes

Family Violence Flexible Support Packages – Application Link