What is domestic violence?

  • Domestic Violence is about to use of power, particularly the powerful men over women.
  • Almost always men are the abusers and women and children are the victims.
  • It happens to all kinds of families.
  • Domestic violence is not just about being hit it can be:
  • Physical: bruises, cuts, broken bones, burns, throwing and breaking household objects, punching and kicking walls and doors etc.
  • Sexual: rape, bondage, use of objects against your will, demanding sex.
  • Emotional/Verbal: Threats and intimidation, put downs about your body shape, grooming and mothering abilities, erosion of self esteem, destruction of self worth.
  • Social: But downs in front of other people, isolating you from your family and friends, smothering you buy the with you all the time, and not giving any personal space.
  • Economic or Financial: “It keeps you poor”, demanding you pay all the bills and food etc. with completely inadequate money for not allowing you to have any money.

Facts about domestic violence:

  • There are no excuses for domestic violence.
  • The victims survivors of domestic violence and never to blame.
  • Violence can occur without the use of alcohol. Alcohol is often an excuse not a cause.
  • Netting or annoying behavior is not to trigger to domestic violence. There is no excuse for violence. No one deserves to be abused.
  • Domestic violence occurs across all cultures and social groups.
  • Domestic violence occurs in a lot of families.
  • “There’s nothing so awful that we can’t talk to someone about it.”
  • “We have the right to feel safe of all the time.”
  • “You don’t have to leave your situation to seek assistance from us.”